Final Cut Pro: 5 YouTube Channels Full of Tips

by Eric Larson, Mashable

Apple released Final Cut Pro X, the newest version of the Final Cut video editing software, back in 2011. It met mixed reviews: Many long-time users of the program found X’s changes in layout a step backwards from the previous version, Final Cut Pro 7.


Regardless which version you have, you’ve probably achieved a decent understanding of how it works — so we’ll skip the basic “tricks.”

Instead, we’ve compiled the most helpful YouTube channels for cool Final Cut tips: shortcuts, visual effects and color grading, to name a few. Some are geared specifically for X, while others highlight techniques that can be used across all versions, whether you’re looking to brush up on a few techniques, or just curious about how other editors work best.

Do you know any other YouTube channels for great Final Cut Pro tutorials? Or better yet, do you have any tricks these videos haven’t highlighted? Share them with us in the comments.

1. Matthew Pearce

2. Final Cut King

3. Dan Allen

4. The Final Cut Pro School

5. BX Films

Click here for more detail and videos from each of these Top 5.

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