Free LUTS and 4K Film Grain


Free LUTs

Because you are curious, please find below three free LUTs for you.
There are all profiled for standard image profile (Rec.709) and LOG.

Free LUT n°8700

The 8700 is a teal-orange look (or blue-orange) with slightly higher contrasts. It’s perfect to give a quick exotic cine look to your image.

Download free LUT

ZIP 5MB (15MB uncompressed)

Free LUT « Aspen »

This look is inspired from Kodak vivid films like the Ektar 100 and the cinema film Vision 2383. Atmosphere will turn to dark cyan/juniper.

Download « Aspen »

ZIP 11MB (21MB uncompressed)

Free LUT « Sedona »

This LUT is inspired by the Lomography CN 100 35mm. I added a hot touch to create a heavy sunset atmosphere. Skintones are warmer but natural.

Download « Sedona »

ZIP 11MB (35MB uncompressed)

Free 4K film grain

This grain is based on scans of 35mm film with digital post-processing.

In the ZIP archive, you’ll find a video of 10 seconds duration.
Video is in 4K encoded in Apple ProRes 422 @ 25fps with neutral gray background.

Very easy to use with all video editing applications supporting layer blending modes.
Add the film grain video as a new layer over your footage and apply « Overlay » blending mode.

Layer blending modes in Adobe After Effects:
Layer blending modes in Final Cut Pro:

Below, some samples at 100% crop.

Download free film grain (ZIP 600MB)

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