Wanna do what the Pixar peeps do? For Free?

by Khan Academy and Pixar

Pixar in a Box
Questions/Feedback: piab@khanacademy.org

Pixar in a Box, from Khan Academy and Pixar and sponsored by Disney, is a complete beginner animation school you can take for free. There are lessons on effects, patterns, rigging, animation, environment modeling, character modeling, crowds, sets & staging, rendering, and more.

Start here!

Overview of Pixar in a Box for students & teachers.


Explore how water, fire and smoke effects are created using millions of tiny particles.


Explore how organic looking patterns are created using randomness.


Explore how characters are brought to life with controls.


Explore how animators bring characters to life using different kinds of animation curves.

Environment modeling

Explore how blades of grass in Brave were created using parabolic arcs.

Character modeling

Explore how clay models are transformed into digital characters using weighted averages.


Explore how swarms of robots in Wall-E were made using combinatorics.

Sets & Staging

Explore how virtual sets are constructed using geometric transformations.


Explore how pixels are painted digitally using algebra.

What’s next?

Updates on what is coming next.
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