16 Questions to Ask Before Creating a Video

by CopyPress


Your client or manager has just asked you to create a video, now what? Before you start jotting down ideas and picking up the camera, make sure you’ve answered these questions. They’ll give your team a clearer picture of why you’re creating the video and everything that needs to get done to make it a success.

1. What is your ideal timeline?

You may have to break the news to your client or manager that you won’t have the video created, edited and approved in 48 hours if the usual turnaround is two weeks. If this is your first time working with a client, they could be shopping around to make a last minute video or their deadline ideas may be wildly unrealistic. If the client expects the finished product in a week and your company thinks that timeline is reasonable, that’s great, proceed to question number two.


Got a good taste?  See the rest of the list of 16 Questions to Ask Before Creating a Video here.


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