Free Online Chart Generator

by Omar Sedki, liveGAP charts

liveGAP charts is a free online chart generator you can use to produce any kind of Line – Bar- Stacked bars – Radar- Polar Area – Pie – Doughnut charts you’d like then incorporate than into your presentation or report.

How it Works

Enter The Data

  • Add your data into the spreadsheet panel.
  • You can also copy it from excel Or any spreadsheet.

Customize The Chart

  • Modify Chart Type, Colors, Texts, Fonts, border, background,line style, axis, legend…

Save & Share

  • Save Your Chart as image or as web page (animated)
  • Or Save online to access from everywhere or Share with Friends.

Image result for livegap


Live Preview

  • Easily Create a chart from your data.

Customization options

  • Colors, Margins,Texts, Legend, Fonts, Gradients…

Save Charts Online

  • Access from anywhere, or use as Template

Share your Chart

  • Easily Share on Facebook or as Simple Link.
Ready to Use?  Click: LiveGap Charts

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