Free Software (and More) For Filmmakers

By: David Vine

Free Video Editing Software Options

As of late 2016 there are only a handful of good free video editing programs.

The reasons why I don’t use one of them range from not enough capabilities to the requirement of running a Linux operating system on my PC. However, work is underway to remedy these obstacles. In the meantime, check out Blender, Cinelerra, and kdenlive.

Here is a comprehensive list of video editing software from Wikipedia.

Rather than opt for a pricey video editing alternative, I use a “second tier” program, currently version 14 of PowerDirector Ultimate from Cyberlink. PD14 has an enormous amount of advanced capabilities and a huge online repository of multimedia production elements. I started with PD version 8 and periodically updated to later versions. The “Deluxe” or “Ultimate” PD packages have more features and usually include additional related software, all for under $100.

Free Software For Filmmakers

Click here to see David Vine‘s entire list of free software for filmmakers.


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