15 Pro Tips to Create a More Encouraging Production Schedule

by Studio Binder

Let’s face it, shooting schedules can be super complicated. Who’s available when? How do we shoot the most expensive elements? It’s easy to forget that a production schedule is as much a psychological tool as it is a logistical one. Here’s how you can schedule a shoot to be a more positive and productive environment…


1. Read and understand the shooting script

15 Pro Tips to Create a Better Production Schedule - Script Screenplay

Sure, you can put together a production schedule from breakdown sheets and a few notes from the director, but if you do that, you’ll miss a lot of the nuance that makes your schedule truly effective.

Before getting started, you must first read the shooting script at least once without taking any notes. Just experience it. You’ll learn which scenes are more important and which are emotionally challenging. That’s knowledge you’ll use to craft a more effective production schedule.

Download a FREE Production Schedule template right here.

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