Introducing 4K ‘DAREFUL’ by VideoBlocks with Free Weekly Download

by DAREFUL via VideoBlocks


Introducing DAREFUL…
We’re excited to introduce a new way for you to experience 4K footage. Dareful brings you weekly hand-picked 4K footage clips made by the best creatives in the industry.

Download these videos as a complimentary New Year’s gift! Sign up for the newsletter and get links to download each week’s new clips as they are uploaded.

But hurry, after the first week, the clips revert back to their original pricing ($299). Sign up for our newsletter and check back every week for your complimentary 4K clips.

About Dareful

Why are we Dareful? Because we reward our followers by making each new 4K stock clip on the website completely free for the first week. Then it switches to full price: $299.

Is it crazy to give away our best content to our fans? We don’t think so. We think it’s Dareful.

Who is behind Dareful? 

All of the stock video on was shot by Joel Holland, the founder of VideoBlocks.

Joel Holland shooting stock video

Joel thinks high quality stock video should be accessible to everyone, not just big budget studios. With Dareful, he wants passionate video hobbyists and enthusiasts to get the best of his personal content completely free, before it becomes full price for the rest of the world.

How can Dareful stock video be used?

The stock video clips on can be downloaded and used in any type of project, with worldwide distribution, forever. You can use our video clips any way you want, even commercially. They are governed by the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Each week we add a free 4K stock video clip to the site–don’t miss it!

Signup for our email notifications to be the first to know when fresh free content is added each week.

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