The Creative Network’s Tips to Clip

By Dick Reizner, digitalVideo

Case Stopper

The large cases in which we transport most of our equipment can serve double duty as stands during a show. But because they are on wheels, they sometimes move when we don’t want them to. Lighting director Tim Armstrong of Ben Lomond, Calif., solves that one by wrapping the wheels in gaffer’s tape. Add a bit of duvetyn (black cloth) to cover the case’s ugliness and you have a beautiful stand.

What’s Your Idea?

There is an old saying, “Anyone who is fed from the pot should help keep it full.” Over the past 34 years, hundreds of video professionals have given back to the industry by sharing their shooting and production tips through this column on The Creative Network’s digitalVideo Magazine. Now it’s your turn. To share your shortcuts and easy ways to do things, just drop Dick Reizner a letter or e-mail. We love close-up pictures, but they are not necessary. Send your tips and questions to

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