Documentary Ideas: The Easiest Documentary To Make

By: Walt Laineenkare

Documentary Ideas: The Easiest Documentary You'll Ever Make

At times you may find yourself feeling so overwhelmed by choosing the subject of your film, it paralyzes your progress.

In case you’re stuck looking for a great documentary idea, I’ll let you in on a little secret: the easiest documentary you’ll ever make is a TRAVEL documentary.

Traveling has been dear to me for quite some time.

Like many filmmakers and journalists, I observe the world with childlike awe. I want to see and experience as much as I can, while I still can! I believe that childlike wonderment is a tool with which we can change the world.

I am of Finnish origin, but reside in Utah, USA. Last year I got to spend a month in India and I’ve visited Egypt four times for diving in the Red Sea. Before Utah I lived in Kansas for a student exchange to enrich my college experience. And travels within Europe are sort of a given when you grow up there.

My list is not nearly as impressive as some travel bloggers of the web, who visit 200+ countries before their 30’s. But not once as an adult have I traveled for the sake of travel. I’ve always had an agenda. Lately that agenda has been clear: gathering video footage for all kinds of projects, making mini-documentaries for YouTube, to practice my documentary skills!

A Simple Way To Generate Documentary Ideas

Here’s my tip for generating documentary ideas… [Read More]



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