A Free Place to Share and Promote Your Stock Footage, Videezy

by Videezy


Free HD Stock Video Footage for Everyone!

Videezy is the place to share your Free HD Stock Videos, b-roll, backgrounds, and other cool free video footage. Here you can explore and discuss the footage of other videographers from around the world, or just find that perfect little cutaway for your next big project. Videezy makes it easy to explore thousands of clips created by people from all over the globe. All the videos are free to download and, depending on the license, free to use in your projects.

Sharing is fun and easy

If you are looking for a place to share and promote your stock footage, Videezy is the place for you. Our family of sites gets close to 2 million visitors a month. The active members on Videezy also create a community of like-minded people to discuss your video with and to receive feedback from. If you so choose, you can license your resource with Videezy’s Creative Commons license wizard – giving you fine-grained control over how your files are used.

The Ezzy network:


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