How to Shoot Screens for Graphics Integration


One of the first things that visual effects artists learn is how to integrate footage into an empty TV screen, smartphone display, or other kind of monitor. It’s a “frequent flyer” type of shot for many VFX companies around the world.

To a newcomer, this might sound surprising — after all, why can’t you just shoot a scene involving a TV, smartphone, or tablet with the screen playing the content you want? As Molecule producer Ezra Christian explains, “Nine times out of ten, the reason is to give you more flexibility in post-production. If you shoot the scene practically, it can either be harder to replace and/or justify the expense to replace the content if the cut changes or the creative dictates a change.”

Scenario 1: The Screen in Your Shot Is Not Obscured


Audra Coulombe is the Marketing Manager for The Molecule, a VFX, Motion Graphics, and VR company located in New York and Los Angeles.

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