Free: Red Giant’s Blockbuster and Holomoji Sticker Packs for iOS

by Red Giant

Send mind-blowing text messages with Hollywood production value using Red Giant’s new free and fun-filled Blockbuster and Holomoji sticker packs for iOS 10
Red Giant has just released two all-new sticker packs for iOS users: Blockbuster and Holomoji. Designed by Red Giant filmmaker Seth Worley and iOS developer Micah Lanier, the sticker packs leverage the very best of Red Giant motion graphics and visual effects to bring a sense of Hollywood action to iMessage conversations. Drag and drop from the sticker keyboard to add high-quality visual effects and holographic emojis directly to texts, images, and videos in iMessage conversations. These sticker packs can be downloaded free of charge from the iOS App store here.



Show Them How You Really Feel with Red Giant’s Free iOS Stickers
  • Blockbuster: Explosions, lens flares, explosions, lightning bolts, explosions, muzzle flashes and even more explosions! Give messages a much needed sense of drama and excitement. Created using Red Giant tools including Trapcode Particular, Knoll Light Factory and more.
  • Holomoji: 21 familiar emojis with a sci-fi twist. These holographic iterations of the classics will be sure to broadcast your emotions loud and clear. Created using Holomatrix II from Red Giant Universe.



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