Tap5a Autosize Text Background | Free Final Cut Pro X Plugin

by Tapio Haaja Tap5a

A couple weeks ago GLJ featured Quick In-Out Animator by Tapio Haaja, Tap5a.  This plugin automatically resizes text backgrounds based on text boundaries. It’s easy to use and fully customizable! Quick and useful for subtitles, titles and lower 3rds. Complete list of features and download link below.

• Text background that autosizes itself based on text boundaries
• Works with all text inspector parameters. Stylize your text freely
• Adjust background color, opacity and roundness
• Put hole in background with Stencil Text option
• Add border to background
• Adjust border color, width and opacity
• Choose which sides have border (all, top, bottom, right, left, top & bottom, right & left)
• Adjust margins (all, top, bottom, right, left)

• Tap5a Autosize Text Background requires Final Cut Pro X 10.3

Download and installation:
• Download Tap5a Autosize Text Background here: http://bit.ly/2mGtCDb
• Unzip Tap5a_Autosize_Text_Background.zip
• Create “Tap5a” folder (if you don’t have it already) under: /~/Movies/Motion Templates/Titles/
• Move “Tap5a Autosize Text Background” folder to: /~/Movies/Motion Templates/Titles/Tap5a/

For animation, Autosize Text Background works well with my other free plugin called Quick In-Out Animator: https://youtu.be/_iOl1qCt6xs

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