21 FREE Poster Mockups & Flyer PSD Layouts

by 4vector.com

4vector.com is back once again with a fresh new list of 21 poster mockups that will completely blow your mind! For those of you who have no idea what a “mockup” is – think of it as a digital prototype of your final design before printing it out on paper (or whatever medium it is that you’re using). You would ask, why go through the trouble of designing the poster and then placing it into these prototypes instead of printing them out?

It’s simple: 1) You will get a better idea of how your final design would actually look, and if your designer’s instinct is telling you to change the color or font, you can edit it right away without wasting papers and ink, hence 2) you save money and the environment!

Poster mockup for film festival

Besides, you can also use these free PSD layouts to showcase your artwork professionally on your portfolio or even Behance / Dribbble too 😉

1. 3  Real Photo Poster Mockups

Looking for a way to showcase your artwork to clients? Check out this complimentary set of photorealistic poster mockups! The layers are fully editable and compatible with Photoshop CS5, CS6, and CC. If you like their free version, you can also get their premium version that comes with 5 additional high quality mockups.

Image depicts 3 realistic artwork mocks

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