Script Timer: Words to Time Calculator


Convert the length of your script to the time it will take to read

Have you ever had a script for a video and you need to know how long the video is going to end up being? Easy! Go here and put in your word count. I usually set the slider to “average.” For example: a 500 word script would result in a 2 minute 46 second video. And this calculator is typically pretty darn accurate. Boom!

Performances vary, but this handy converter will get you in the ballpark. You can even adjust it for reading speed. So stop guessing! Give accurate estimates and invoices to your customers!

Average Reading Speeds

If you read 3 words per second, then you will read:

  • 90 words per half-minute
  • 180 words per minute
  • 10,800 words per hour
  • 4 seconds per line (assuming 13 words per line)
  • 91 seconds per page (assuming 13 words per line and 21 lines per page

Line Count

  • Average number of lines per page: 21
  • Average number of lines per 30-second spot: 7.5
  • Average number of lines per 60-second spot: 15

Word Count

  • Average words per line: 13 (range is 8 to 18)
  • Average words per page: 273 (range is 168 to 378)


*PLEASE USE THE CHART ONLY AS A GUIDE – Rates vary greatly, due to context, vocal delivery, audience, etc. THIS CHART IS BASED ON: 12-point Arial (Helvetica), double-spaced, margin-to-margin.

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