Freebie: After Effects Basic Course with 24 Lessons


Free After Effects Course
Master the Basics of After Effects

Let’s face it, Adobe After Effects can be complicated and confusing, especially when trying to use it without understanding the basics of the software.

  • Adobe After Effects is the leading software for advanced text animation, intro animation, picture presentations and adding 3D elements to your videos.
  • In this free course, you will learn the essential tools you’ll need to know to get started with After Effects and create astounding videos.
  • This course will take you from knowing absolutely nothing about After Effects to being able to create animations, to animate titles, to add light effects and basic 3D animations with ease!
  • The course contains more than 2 hours of high-quality content, distributed across 24 lessons.
  • To make this course easier to follow and enable you to learn After Effects quickly and easily, I have broken it down into easily digestible lessons.
    You’ll learn the basics of the Adobe After Effects user interface and the various tools After Effects has to offer. Get it free here.

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