Tap5a Simple Text Revealer, Free FCPX Titler

by Tapio Haaja


16 simple, clean and modern ways to reveal/conceal your text quickly and easily. Complete list of features and download link below.

• Super quick and easy to use
• Choose from 16 different revealers/concealers
— Fade In/Out
— Wipe From/To Left
— Wipe From/To Right
— Wipe From/To Top
— Wipe From/To Bottom
— Behind From/To Left
— Behind From/To Right
— Behind From/To Top
— Behind From/To Bottom
— Split From/To Horizontal
— Split From/To Vertical
— Cursor From/To Left
— Cursor From/To Right
— Modern From/To Left
— Modern From/To Right
— Modern From/To Top
— Modern From/To Bottom
• Adjust reveal/conceal time (0,1 – 1sec)
• Adjust motion blur amount

• Tap5a Simple Text Revealer requires Final Cut Pro X 10.3

Download and installation:
• Download Tap5a Simple Text Revealer here: http://bit.ly/2p9LWJG
• Unzip Tap5a_Simple_Text_Revealer.zip
• Create “Tap5a” folder (if you don’t have it already) under: /~/Movies/Motion Templates/Titles/
• Move “Tap5a Simple Text Revealer” folder to: /~/Movies/Motion Templates/Titles/Tap5a/

Potential issues:
• Title must be at least 2 seconds long for both reveal and conceal to work correctly in every situation

For even more possibilities combine Simple Text Revealer with my other free plugin Quick In-Out Animator: https://youtu.be/_iOl1qCt6xs

You can find all of Tapio Haaja‘s Free Final Cut Pro X Plugins here: http://bit.ly/2oGLAoH





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