New DOF Pro 5.0


(Thanks to reader, Doug Bassett, for the heads up…)

DOF Pro is a Photoshop Plug-in for Depth of Field Effects. Depth of Field is a side effect of lens openings on your camera. Using a small lens opening creates a larger field of sharp focus. Using a large lens opening creates a shallow field. Sometimes, you don’t know which you might need until the picture has already been taken. Enter DOF Pro 5 to the rescue!

DOF 5 Pro Adobe Photoshop Plug-In

DOF Pro has a staggering amount of Depth of Field effects that can be applied to any image in Adobe Photoshop. You can place focus exactly where you want it, create bokeh effects, lens aberrations, miniature effects and more. To take a look at the effects possible visit Richard Rosenman’s DOF 5 page here.

DOF Pro 5 is $99.99 and is available now.

Read an in-depth article with all details here.



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