30 Composition Styles for Taking Good Pictures/Video

by Nat Eliason, Peta Pixel

Ever since I decided to start learning photography, I’ve been looking for a good catalog of composition ideas. Once you figure out the mechanics of how a DSLR works, getting good at the composition of your photos seems to be the 80/20 of rapidly improving at photography.

I looked around and heard that the best book on the subject was “The Photographer’s Eye” by Michael Freeman. It’s explicitly about composition and walks through all of the elements of good composition for beginner photographers. It’s a fantastic introduction, and I highly recommend reading it.

After finishing the book, I went back and pulled out all of the compositional styles he mentioned explicitly or implicitly that I liked and thought were useful, and found a good example on Unsplash for each one. I wanted to practice recognizing them so that I could better pick them out in the wild, and incorporate them into my own photos.

It was originally for my own notes, but I realized that they might be useful for other beginner photographers too.

1. Edge-Cut Sun

Having an edge cut through the sun looks nice, or having the sun rising over a line or diagonal within the photo.

 and 29 more inspiring styles here…


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