EZ: Color Grading Tutorial Plus 10 FREE LUTS

by Kyler Holland

This is a quick tutorial showing how to download and install 10 LUTS put together by Kyler Holland.

DOWNLOAD LUTS: https://sellfy.com/p/SGnG/

Use Coupon Code “100OFF” for 100% off the listed price.

This is a new LUT PACK that Kyler Holland is releasing to everyone for free! He’s have created each one of these LUTs within Photoshop and Premiere Pro CC.

This LUT PACK will include 10 separate LUTS (.cube files) in which you can manipulate however you would like as well as an Adobe Premiere Pro Preset Pack Including all 10 LUTS.

INCLUDED in the .ZIP file:

  • KH LUT 1.cube
  • KH LUT 2.cube
  • KH LUT 3.cube
  • KH LUT 4.cube
  • KH LUT 5.cube
  • KH LUT 6.cube
  • KH LUT 7.cube
  • KH LUT 8.cube
  • KH LUT 9.cube
  • KH LUT 10.cube
  • KH Lut Pack 1.prfpset

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