Luts vs Look: The Difference in Premiere Pro


There are different kinds of software to color-grade your footage, like Da Vinci, Final Cut and of course Premiere Pro, the one we use. With every software, it’s possible to use LUTs when color grading your footage. But what are they and how do they work? In this tutorial we will explain how you can give you footage the wanted look with a LUT.

Before you can use a LUT, you have to have footage. Preferably you want to film your shots as flat as possible, with a Log video. The Panasonic GH5 that we are using uses a V-log. Shooting in Log is primarily designed to maximize the dynamic range. This comes in handy when your shot has very bright and dark parts, this way you can prevent the under or over exposure of your image. But when shooting in a controlled environment like a studio, you don’t always have to use a Log, a neutral setting can be flat enough for shooting in the studio. We just find it easier to match all our clips to each other when filmed in Log.


Download Demo Clip/LUTs ►…

Create your own LUT in Photoshop ►…


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