Choose the Right Music for Your Next Project

by Blag Ivanov, Videomaker

Choosing the right music–whether you’re playing DJ around your friends, or doing something more serious like working on a video for a client– can be a hard choice. Our tastes in music are subjective and sometimes difficult to explain. People might like a song or artist for a variety of reasons, but that isn’t to say that consensus is impossible. The sections below explain different ways of analyzing musical candidates and connecting them to your video.

Genre, Instrumentation, and Dynamic Range

You should base your genre, instrumentation and dynamic range choices around the concept of the video. Consider the scene’s qualities and ask questions like: is it fast or slow, fluid or cinematic? Does the video have a defined pace that builds to a head?

Genres and instrumentation are closely tied and also vary depending on period. Contemporary genres include modern pop music, electronic music, rock, and hip-hop. Older genres include and are not limited to: classical, jazz and classic rock.





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