FCPXFree.com: Currently Listing Over 1,000 FREE Items and Growing!

by Roger Bolton. FCPXFree.com


At FCPX Free, they aim to be the internet’s number one site for all kinds of Free FCP X resources – motion templatespluginstutorialstransitionstitles and more. They hope you find them useful.

Currently listing 1040 free items and growing!

What an amazing achievment, FCPXFree.com now lists over 1,000 free resources for FCP X, tutorials, plugins, templates, transitions and more.  All curated and categorised to make it dead easy to find what you want.  Want to find a tutorial on roles in FCP X across all the different tutorial makers?  It’s one click, then browse for related topics using our tagging system.

So in case you missed them, we’ve also been adding articles highlighting the best free resources.  For example you can do a whole complete course on FCP X using nothing but free tutorials.  We’ve broken them down into suggested starting points for beginners, intermediate and advanced users.  Take a look!

When you’re done with those you might want to take a look at our articles on the best free iOS apps for editorsDesktop applications and utilities


Or browse our entire set of “Top 10” articles. We’ll be adding new articles weekly and constantly adding new free resources as we find them or they get submitted to us.
(Example:) Another Top 10 Amazing Free Transitions

Posted by Iain Anderson








Another Top 10 Amazing Free Transitions

Didn’t get enough transitions in our last top ten roundup? Here’s a bunch more you can use to punch up a boring presentation, disguise a forced edit, or create that perfect segue from scene A to scene B. There’s actually about 21   transitions in this list, which makes it particularly good value — especially as they’re all free.




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