5 Ways to Edit Video Faster

by Michele Yamasaki, Toolfarm

Whether you’ve been editing for years or you’re new to the process, there are always a few things you can learn. Although these tips are geared toward new editors, everyone wants to be more productive.

A bit of preparation, in the beginning, can speed up your workflow through the whole process. At my old job at a post house, we had some massive video projects and when I was the low man on the totem pole and helping in an assistant editor capacity, I got the job of logging the footage on a few major projects. I had to watch every clip, mark in and out points, rate the clips, adding notes where needed, and tag the clips with keywords. It was a daunting task with over 250 hours of footage to sift through. It wasn’t fun but I learned a ton and I know I took days, maybe even weeks, off of the lead editor’s work. This was in the 1990s so there are so many tools that are available now to make this process a lot easier than I had it.

1 Organize Your Media

A little file management goes a long way. I have an example below of a basic file structure. You’ll want to modify it for each project and tweak it to your own preference.

And a whole lot more, including a dozen how-to videos, of #1-#5 Ways to Edit Video Faster here…


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