By caninfotech

If you happen to use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit and publish videos, then you might have noticed that a large amount of disk space is consumed by it. Granted that it edits videos and videos are large in size and when you have such large files in your computer, you are bound to use a lot of storage. But there is more to this. Adobe Premiere also stores those videos in its Media Cache Database for quick access. And when you have media files in your cache, know that they consume a large percentage of your hard drive.Premiere doesn’t seem

Premiere doesn’t seem to clean up those files just to free up your valuable drives. Yes, when you have a project, those cache files makes sense but they seem to stay even after a project is deleted. Right now, in my computer, I can see that around 50 GB (49.9 GB) of storage is used up by the Media Cache Database. It seems to be the limit and this limit is eating up 10% of my hard drive. You have to clear this cache manually to free up disk space.

So, this post is dedicated to help you and even help me remember how to clear Media Cache Database stored by Adobe Premier to free up consumed disk space that’s as high as 50 GB. I use Windows 10 and Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Here are the steps:

  • From the menu, click on Edit.
  • Choose Preferences > Media.
  • Under Media Cache Database, click on Clean.
  • Hit Ok to close the Preferences dialog.

Premier Pro Screenshot

It takes a few moments for the process to complete and a progress bar will notify you.

Progress of Clean Media Database

After completion, a significant amount of disk space is cleared.

On the preferences screen, you also must have noticed that the directory which is used by Adobe Premiere for storing its media cache files. In my case, it is: C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\Common. It might be different depending upon your operating system.

When I browse to the folder, I see four more sub-folders—AME, Media Cache, Media Cache Files and PTX. If you have not guessed it already, the largest files are stored in the Media Cache Files sub-folder. I can right click on it to see its properties.

And oh my god, it is 49.9 GB.

Properties of Adobe Premier Media Cache Files

After cleaning up the cache by following the steps above, the folder is just 15.5 GB. It didn’t clear everything but I did get back 34.4 GBs which were consumed by useless files. The 15.5 GB of files must be those which are of projects that are still active. We can go ahead and delete those files manually from the C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\Common\Media Cache Files folder if you need even more additional disk space. It’s totally safe as I feel that Premiere will create those files again, as they are needed.

But all in all, just remember to Clean the Media Cache Database regularly.

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