Editing to a Beat? This Keyboard Shortcut Changes Everything


In this Premiere Pro video tutorial, check out how to cut an entire sequence to the beat of a soundtrack in only a matter of seconds.

If you’ve seen any YouTube video, commercial, or travel video in the past few years, you’ve most likely seen a video cut to the beat of a song. This style of editing is a perfect way to enliven your video with some rhythm and style. Cutting to the beat isn’t hard at all, and it can be a practical asset for any editor. If you’re in the business of editing videos in a hurry every day, the faster edit the better.

Here’s a brilliant trick that saves time when you’re cutting to a beat.

This technique is particularly helpful when you have a group of clips in a folder. In this particular example, Peter McKinnon is working with B-roll footage. So if you’re using B-roll and need to cut to different shots, this method will work wonders. Just make sure you have all your clips organized first.  [More, Continued]

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