Larry Jordan’s Daily Tips

by Larry Jordan

Here’s an idea… one that I use everyday.  When I log on to my browser every morning, the first thing I see as my homepage is a Larry Jordan tip of the day based on both Apple and Adobe products…

Like this one for today:
Edit a Multicam Clip

A Quick and Harmless Tip for Fixing Edited Multicam Clips

Software: Apple FCP X

Have you ever needed to modify portions of a multicam clip, but it’s already been edited to your Timeline? There is a quick and easy solution for this. Be sure the edited multicam clip is on the Timeline, then simply double-click the clip. Final Cut Pro will then take you to a new window within the Timeline, called the Angle Editor.

Here, you can modify your multicam clip: from re-syncing angles, to adding or deleting angles, and a few other actions worth exploring. A particularly popular modification that is offered through the Angle Editor is the Add Angle option. What if you had a show perfectly edited, but realized you were missing a very important angle? Select a downward-pointing arrow in the Angle Editor and choose Add Angle. This creates a new angle track, in which you can select and drag a new clip from your Browser into it’s slot. Now it’s automatically placed within your multicam clip, making it ready for editing! You can do this with audio tracks as well.

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