RED’s Online Flicker-Free Video Tool

by RED Digital Cinema

Flickering in video and film is a common problem resulting from certain frame rate and shutter speed combinations under artificial lighting. This article gives an overview of why this happens, along with recommending settings for minimizing the chances of this happening in the first place.

red flicker-free

Use this free online tool to find a flicker-free shutter speed and frame rate combination when shooting under artificial lighting.

Results may vary depending on the characteristics of your particular lighting. For example, artificial lighting may flicker independent of the power source with some neon and LED lights, and when near failure or improperly seated. Also try to avoid high frame rates (greater than the lighting pulse rate) when possible, or use artificial lighting that provides continuous illumination. Regardless, always capture test footage to verify that everything appears as intended.

If a result of “none” appears, this means that no shutter speeds are likely to eliminate flickering at the chosen frame rate, in which case using continuous or natural lighting is recommended. This usually happens when the frame rate is set greater than twice the power frequency.

Image result for RED Flicker Free tool

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