BretFX Overlap: Free for FCPX

by BretFX

BretFX Overlap aims to clean up your timeline with two simple transitions that do nothing!  Except overlap the incoming shot over the outgoing shot or the outgoing shot over the incoming shot.

Overlap is perfect for when your project contains many templates one after the other, and each template has it’s own build in or build out animation. These kinds of projects tend to end up with many layers stacked up and offset like a staircase, or a carefully laid out checkerboard pattern.

BretFX Overlap

In either case, if you decide to shorten some or all of  elements, it requires a manual re-stacking or checker boarding.  BretFX Overlap cleans up your timeline with two simple transitions.

It’s a basic little plugin that is extremely useful for slideshows or a series of animations.

Click here for more information as well as the download from Bret’s website.


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