by BjK Productions

In this tutorial, you will be taught how to use these Free Presets provided by BjK Productions. 

The project has been carefully arranged, taking speed into cognizance, to make it as straightforward as possible. All you have to do is drag and drop files, edit the text, and voila! Your video is ready to roll. Please note, there is no need to add after effects.

So without further ado, let’s proceed!

  • First, please download the FREE file here.
  • The next step, as always, is to open your Adobe Premiere Pro CC Program 
  • Right Click on Preset Folder
  • Click “Import Presets”
  • Choose The File
  • Drag and Drop into the clip
  • You’re done, ALWAYS mess with the keyframe that best suite your needs. 

It is important that you add different presets into your Adobe Premiere Pro editing tool because they will enable you to come up with nice creative ideas that will boost your productivity, which will invariably give rise to new ideas, thereby creating more awesome opportunities.


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