Power Tips for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

By , CB Creative

Own the conversation on social media with this expert advice…

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Social media is a fantastic way to promote yourself or your business – it can increase awareness of your brand, bolster your design portfolio, improve your site’s SEO, and help you to genuinely connect with your customers. It’s easy to set up a social media page, but gaining traction and turning handfuls of followers into thousands and thousands of engaged users is tough.

There’s no magic formula to success in social media, and it can feel like it’s taking a very long time to attract the right followers. There are some social media tricks and some basic rules you can follow to help things along. However, these vary between social media platforms, so we’ve zoned in on five power tips for each of the three main players: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

If you follow this advice, and remain patient during the lulls in follower activity, you will be well on the path to audience engagement

. On this page we look at Facebook, and on the following pages you’ll find power tips for Twitter and Instagram. Let’s dive straight in…






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