PrProBCC – Adobe Premiere CC 2018 Project Converter


NTown Productions

PProBCC converts Adobe Premiere CC 2018 project files to be compatible with Premiere CC 2015.2 and Speedgrade 2015.1.

With the help of this tool a Premiere Project saved with the newer version 2018 can be opened in Speedgrade (version 2015.1), grade your project and then saved and reopened again in the newer Premiere version 2018 (older version can also be set).

The Story behind the PProBCC Converter

With Premiere CC version 2017, Adobe has discontinued the Direct Link functionality to Speedgrade CC and with version 2018 finaly officially discontinued Speedgrade, but the Project can still be graded with Speedgrade and creates the Custom Lumetri Layer with the grading information for each graded clip after reloaded into Premiere CC. The last version of Speedgrade is CC 2015.1 and if you want to grade a project made in Premiere CC 2018, you just simply can’t because Adobe made the new Project file of Premiere CC version 2018 incompatile to Speedgrade CC 2015.1.

Many editors and color-graders out there were pretty upset, inlcuding me. So what else can we do to continue our work, except of complaing to Adobe? Nothing, right? Wrong. I have written a tool that helps tremendously.

Functionality and Workflow

More… plus download

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