How To Create Your Own Foley + 40 Free Sound Effects


The first step to creating an immersive soundscape for your video is to account for every noise in your composition, but sometimes you can’t capture all of it on set. That’s where Foley comes in.

The art of Foley, or recording sounds to layer onto the audio track of a film or video project, is one that dates back to the age of radio plays. To create a more realistic soundscape for the dramas and comedies of the time, technicians would create sounds in real time, such as hoof beats, or wind passing through the trees. Today, Foley replicates sounds that weren’t recorded on set, such as footsteps or ambient sounds like rain.


Since we were recording the sound effects for this video anyway, we thought, why not go ahead and give them away? Click below to download 41 free Foley sound effects — from things like footsteps on different textures to soda cans popping to tree branches breaking.

Download 41 Free Foley Sound Effects



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