Questions from the Part 107 Drone Exam

by David Young, Drone Launch Academy

I just finished up putting together an awesome free study guide for people thinking about taking their Part 107 commercial drone exam.

21 Questions You’re Sure to See on the Part 107 Exam [with Detailed Explanations]


I’ve been compiling this info for the last several months, and I finally finished putting it into one detailed guide for everyone to use.

In this guide we go through some of the MOST MISSED Part 107 test questions that deal with…

  • How to know what airspace you’re in: Are you allowed to be there?
  • Reading sectional charts (aka – aviation specific maps): What do all of those symbols mean?
  • Part 107 Operating Rules: What do the regs say about what I’m allowed to do as a commercial drone pilot?
  • Loading and Performance: How does drone fly under different loading conditions?
  • Aviation Weather: How does weather impact safe drone operations?
  • Drone Maintenance: What are your responsibilities as a drone pilot?
  • Physiological Factors: How does your mental and physical state impact your ability to operate a drone safely?
So if you’ve been thinking about getting your Remote Pilot Certificate and need to take the Part 107 exam, be sure to check out the guide.

Here’s a quick snippet from the guide

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