Zero Money (MOGRT) Motion Graphics Templates

by Motion Array

Amazing Title Zooms

Hey! You’re here. Cool! This free Motion Graphics Template or .mogrt works right inside Premiere Pro and the essential graphics panel. This project will give you fantastic high impact title animations that will knock your audiences socks off. It includes 4 different durations. Stack them together in different videos tracks for amazing looks. Control colors, add boxes, outlines, shadows and more. Make amazing videos effortlessly. That’s right, what you read is not a typo. This template is free. Nada. Zero money.


Old Film Toolkit

…It includes everything you need for creating an old projector look or an old movie. It includes dust, scratches, and hairs on the lens, noise, vignettes and film effect. Adjust and change everything. The file is looped, so you can make any length of the video. Create unique effects or your collection of video footages. Old Film Toolkit also includes presets for creating a black and white video and a detailed video tutorial.


Simple Titles

The Simple Titles Motion Graphics Template is a new kind of template that works natively in Premiere Pro CC 2017.1. This is groundbreaking! This particular template includes 5 different title animations to use, and you can modify many various aspects of each title. The colors, rotation, scale, etc. It is simple!


Download all three freebies here…




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