35 Awesome DIY Photography Hacks

by photographypla.net

Try This at Home…

35 Awesome DIY Photography Hacks

If you have been hesitant to buy the gear or accessories that you want because of the cost, perhaps you could save some money by going the DIY route. While photography gear can be quite expensive there are some inexpensive hacks that can give you similar results in some cases. Fortunately there are plenty of creative photographers who have shared their own DIY hacks and creations with the rest of us through blog posts and tutorials.

In this post you’ll find tutorials and guides for 35 different DIY projects and hacks that can not only save you some money, but also get the great results that you’re after. These hacks cover everything from lighting, to lenses, to soft boxes, to tripods, and much more. Some of them are more involved and complex than others, but I’m sure you will find at least a few that interest you.

Image result for photo hacks

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