How to Write An Elevator Pitch [FREE Elevator Pitch Template]

by Jason Hellerman, nofilmschool

You may have a great idea but the real test is how you communicate it.

How-To-Write-An-Elevator-Pitch, mic

Learning how to write an elevator pitch is a skill you can’t put a price on. Why?

Because we’ve all been there when lightning strikes and that excellent idea comes to life in our minds. Maybe it’s the greatest movie idea in the world. Maybe it’s an idea for a tv series or a piece of branded content.

The only way you’re going to see it through is if you can convince other people of its value. And the really hard part?

You’ll likely only ever get a few minutes to do that.

Enter the elevator pitch. The time-tested method of sharing the genius of a wonderful idea in a matter of minutes. In this post, we will break down this process plus provide you with a free elevator pitch template so you can start prepping the moment lightning next strikes.

How to Write an Elevator Pitch

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How-To-Write-An-Elevator-Pitch, elevator



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