5 Tips for Making a Killer Reel

by Musicbed.com

It’s easy to compare reels to resumés. It’s a make-or-break career moment, an opportunity to get your foot in the door by showing your skills to employers. But, there is one key difference between the two: a reel gives you nothing to hide behind. No pretty cover letter. No “proficient in Microsoft Word.” It’s your creative work out in the open, a fully exposed moment when you put your best foot forward and hope it works.

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Need a place to start? Musicbed has put together a quick guide for making a reel that not only looks great but gets you more clients. For the entire month of February 2019, Musicbed is giving away a free song for your reel. Choose from hundreds of artists and composers to give your footage the music it deserves.

Click here to read more On Making a Killer Reel and download your free song.



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