Key Questions To Consider When Purchasing 4K Storage


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So, you want to purchase 4k storage? Storage requirements vary considerably depending on key decisions made in the preproduction process. What will be the standard frame rate? Bitrate and Depth? Is it a multi-cam shoot, with how many cameras?  How many hours of footage?  What codec?  Does the camera create proxy media on capture?  Answering these questions is crucial to any shoot. But, does shooting 4K mean you simply multiply the storage by 4x?

Not necessarily.

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Many codecs exist to edit in 4K – but they are not created equal. 4K RAW and uncompressed formats take up more storage and require faster drives with faster connections. A Codec means Compressed 4K will take up less storage and bandwidth, but the computers or graphics cards inside need to be much more powerful to handle the image decoding. In addition, multi-camera edits require pulling multiple video streams from your storage- which becomes much more of an ask with shared storage for multiple editors.  We decided to look at the top questions people should consider when choosing 4K storage such as…

  1. What is the best way to determine the amount of storage required for a 4K shoot?
  2. Is it possible to edit 4K in a shared storage environment?
  3. Do I need SSD, or Flash, or NVME to edit 4K?
  4. What are the minimum storage requirements for 4K editing?
  5. How many streams of 4K can be pulled from my storage?
  6. How much more does 4K storage cost?


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