Quick Tips: Premiere Pro

by Enis from Reverse Cuts

Here are three tips for Premiere Pro that you probably didn’t know about. When I tried sharing these with other Premiere Pro users, they were shocked by the fact that they didn’t know about these things. That’s why I like to call them “3 Secret Tips”.

Animate text opacity for smoother fading
– Instead of applying default transitions, you should actually animate the opacity in the “Effects Control” tab (from a 100 to 0 where you want the fade to happen)as it will create a much smoother fade out than the normal transition. Try it yourself and you will be amazed!

Edit your audio to the exact frame
– If you’ve ever worked with audio clips in Premiere Pro CC, you’ll know that the software typically limits duration adjustments to one frame, making it difficult to make cuts at specific moments or when you want to get the perfect audio-video syncing.
To edit your audio to the exact frame, right-click on the top of the timeline and select “Show Audio Time Units“. This trick will allow you to adjust the duration of your audio clip based on audio time units, rather than per video frame, enabling more precise audio synchronization!

Use adjustment layers for effects
– This tip is the most revolutionary thing when I figured it out. There’s so much you can do with adjustment layers that you’d think you could only do directly to a clip. Not everything works quite as expected when you throw it onto an adjustment layer but just experiment with everything. For example, more complexed effects take less time to render when they are applied on an adjustment layer, than on the actual video! Sometimes things not working the way you thought they would lead to something very cool!

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