Don’t Lose Access to Older Media in macOS

by Larry Jordan

With the release of macOS Mojave (10.14), Apple is continuing its conversion to 64-bit applications that it first began many years ago. In the next major version of macOS after Mojave, this conversion will affect media which relies on older 32-bit codecs. We are all used to applications which may not be compatible with an operating system upgrade, but with an upcoming release of macOS, some of our older media won’t be compatible either.

NOTE: To be very clear, Apple confirmed that “macOS Mojave — including all dot releases of this operating system — will be the last major version of macOS to support the legacy 32-bit codecs identified here…

The media is not 32-bit, but the encoders/decoders, which are required to play or record the media, are. These older codecs, which are built upon the QuickTime 7 framework, include:

  • Avid DNxHD / DNxHR
  • Avid DV / DV100 / JFIF / Motion JPEG
  • CineForm
  • Flash Video
  • Motion JPEG A
  • Motion JPEG B
  • And many others.

Apple updated their KnowledgeBase website to include MUCH more detail on what codecs are affected and which ones are not.

Here’s the link:

Image result for mac finder


This announcement also potentially impacts projects created over the last twenty years using Adobe, Avid and Blackmagic Design software.

Adobe announced that their media apps now support exporting ProRes on Windows – something that has been lacking until today.

Here’s Adobe’s blog post:

NEXT STEPS (and much, much more here.)





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