How to Make Davinci Resolve LUTs + Free LUTs

by , Rocketstock

Did you know you can use DaVinci Resolve to create your own LUTs? Find out how in this video tutorial — including free LUTs!

Rewind a decade, and in the consumer and low-budget filmmaking world, After Effects and Premiere Pro presets were all the rage. A preset that could take your Canon 550d footage and make it remotely cinematic — this would quickly become a temporary sensation in the online filmmaking community. Come 2019, and you don’t hear as much about After Effects and Premiere Pro presets — you hear instead about LUTs.

It is very important to recognize that LUTS are not the be all and end all of grading. They’re for creating a foundation for your grade; they’re  not a one-click-and-done solution.

A LUT isn’t a magic wand.  Say that you’ve done an awesome grade in Resolve, and you want to create it as a LUT to use again in the future — or share it, or even sell it. You can export that grade as a LUT. Find out how here — [More]…

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