Quick Tips for Cutting Music

by filmeditingpro.com

As a video editor, you are the Swiss army knife of the production team.

Some days, people will expect you to do a whole lot more than editing video.It may be on the visual side of things, or you could be called upon to handle tasks that normally fall to the sound designer. And of course, there will be days when you’re expected to edit music.

If you have some music chops, you have a leg up on editors who don’t. And if you are an editor without any music skills at all, don’t panic. You can still do this!

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • Which versions of stock music you should be looking for
  • The best place(s) to make your cuts
  • Why waveforms are so important and how to make sense of them
  • A bonus music editing tip…so be sure to read on!

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