DIY: How to Record Better Audio on your Phone

By David Nield, Popular Science

With a smartphone in your pocket, you’ll always have a capable video and audio recorder close to hand. Capturing audio on your phone can help you save an interview, create a spontaneous podcast, log a semester’s worth of lectures, and vastly improve your home videos.

In all of those scenarios, bad sound quality has the power to ruin your efforts. If you’re trying to transcribe an interview, you’ll miss words and phrases; if you’re sharing the audio with an audience, listeners will get frustrated with the low volume or intrusive background noises. The same goes for filming videos: You don’t want distorted sounds to spoil your vacation clips or DIY movies.

That’s not to say that you need to carry a full sound studio around with you. A few changes can make a huge difference to your phone’s ability to capture high-quality sound. Just tweak some settings, download a couple of well-chosen add-ons, and invest in a portable microphone. Here are the apps and gadgets you’ll need…

Apps and settings


Voice Record Pro is one of the best audio recorders for iOS.

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