‘The Inside Tips’ by Larry Jordan

by Larry Jordan

What Are “The Inside Tips?”

Curated by Larry Jordan, these are free newsletters, short and tightly focused on media creators, to help you become more efficient. Published once or twice each week, each “Tip Letter” contains three or more Inside Tips you can put to use immediately!

Choose your subjects, then – POOF! – Larry drops some very cool tips in your In-box. And, if we don’t live up to your expectations, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Did we mention this is free? Always.

Curious? This FAQ answers key questions.

Here Are Some Recent Tips
  • Ten Keyboard Shortcuts to Make You Faster (FCP X)
  • One Click to Better Color Correction (Final Cut Pro X)
  • Hidden Secrets of the Font Menu (Premiere Pro)
  • Counting Words for Voice-Over Timing (Random Weirdness)
  • Let Final Cut Do the Math (Final Cut Pro X)
  • Secrets of the Audio Meters (Random Weirdness)
  • 9 Ideas to Explain Media Technology (Random Weirdness)
  • Optimize Audio Levels for MP3 Compression (Codecs)
  • How to Read a Histogram (Visual Effects)

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CURRENT LISTS: Apple Final Cut Pro X , Adobe Premiere Pro CC,  Random Weirdness,  Visual Effects,  Codecs & Media, and  Apple Motion.

FUTURE LISTS: A list will start when 500 people sign up. Adobe Photoshop CC,  Adobe Audition CC,  Adobe After Effects CC,  DaVinci Resolve,  Avid Media Composer, and  Avid ProTools.

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