Have You Seen the Free Products from Pixel Film Studios?

by Pixel Film Studios

Free Products for Final Cut Pro X…

inMotion LUT Loader

Look Up Table Loader for Motion 5


With the inMotion LUT Loader from Pixel Film Studios, editors can quickly and easily load a CUBE file directly into Motion 5 to color correct or grade their footage without having to use another software. A LUT is a Lookup Table that contains a mathematical formula for modifying an image. The LUT changes every pixel’s color to the corresponding color indicated by the table.

PFS Installer


Intuitive plugin management is now at your fingertips thanks to the arrival of the PFS Installer. This brand new tool is a professional desktop application that can be easily accessed from the menu bar of your computer. Download, install, uninstall and browse your purchased plugins with ease. Additionally, you can consult FAQs, tutorials and more all through the PFS Installer. Save time and reduce needless work with Pixel Film Studios.

FCPX Motion Blur

Movement Blur Effects for FCPX


FCPX Motion Blur is a completely free tool designed for quickly adding realistic movement blur to scenes. You can apply fast-rendering adjustable motion blur to drop zones, text and footage in seconds using the tools featured in this package. Pixel Film Studios makes editing easier than ever with FCPX Motion Blur for Final Cut Pro X.

ProPuppet Lite

Professional Puppet Animation Tools in FCPX with ProPuppet


ProPuppet Lite is a free animation tool that brings the power of image manipulation into Final Cut Pro.  Easily create fun and silly animations using a simple mesh and puppet pin interface.  Instantly bring still images to life with the click of a mouse!

*This plugin is only compatible with 1080p projects.

*This plugin will not include the puppet images displayed in the promotional video; the images are sourced at the end of the video.

Download them ALL here!

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