Fix VIDEO FLICKER in 30 Seconds WITHOUT Plugins

by Blue Mantle Films

The actual method really does take only about 30 seconds. I’ve included additional info as well in the video so that you can get even more out of this trick, so that’s why the video is longer than 30 seconds. 🙂

This method of removing video flicker is a variation of a method I first learned from Philip Bloom, which I ended up using extensively (and adapting as-needed) when working with slow motion footage that I shot in Europe this past May.

The best way to deal with flicker is to shoot in such a way that you don’t have it in your footage in the first place. This can be done by ensuring your frame rate and shutter speed are offset from the speed of a flickering light source, such as LEDs or Fluorescent lights.

But what if you’ve shot something and you didn’t realize there were flickering lights until you were reviewing the footage later? In this case, here’s a quick trick that can help fix it. This won’t work in all scenarios, but it’s an easy first step to take to see if it works.

Thin lines and sharp edges in images sometimes flicker when shown on interlaced displays, such as many TV screens. The Anti-flicker Filter control, located in the Effect Controls tab > Motion effect, can reduce or eliminate this flicker. As you increase its strength, more flicker is eliminated, but the image also becomes softer. You may need to set it relatively high for images with lots of sharp edges and high contrast.

  1. Select a clip in a Timeline panel, and click the Effect Controls tab.
  2. Click the triangle next to the Motion heading to open the Motion controls.
  3. Click the triangle next to the Anti-flicker Filter heading.
  4. Drag the Anti-flicker Filter slider to the right to increase the strength of the filter.
  5. Press the spacebar to preview the clip. Increase the filter strength if flicker is still visible, or decrease it if the image is too soft.
  6. Note: You can change the intensity of the Anti-flicker Filter over the duration of a clip by setting Anti-flicker Filter keyframes at different values.

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