DJI: We Strongly Support Drone Remote ID. But Not Like This.

by Brendan Schulman, VP of Policy & Legal Affairs at DJI

If you have one of our drones but didn’t notice this feature – because it didn’t cost you any money or impose any hassle – well, that’s the point.

(Per Malek Murison) In an article published by DJI, the manufacturer’s VP of Policy and Legal Affairs, Brendan Schulman, has come out strongly against the FAA’s NPRM on Remote ID, calling it “deeply flawed” and “a complex, expensive, and intrusive system that would make it harder to use drones in America.”

That description is particularly significant given that Schulman and DJI have long advocated for a Remote ID solution and consistently backed measures to increase safety and accountability in the drone community.

So how, in Schulman’s opinion, has the FAA got the NPRM so wrong?

This stark reliance on unproven systems and unnecessary middlemen could shut down expensive Hollywood productions, complex industrial operations, and even lifesaving rescue missions.

We urge you to read Brendan Schulman’s article here on how these potential new hardcore rules and regs will affect you and what you do with your drone.

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