Freebie Friday: 32 FREE After Effects Plug-ins

by Toolfarm

Toolfarm did an article like this several years ago and it was super popular. Everyone loves free stuff! Some of these are really great tools too! Here are 32 free After Effects plug-ins for you to peruse, most of them are from our lovely vendors, too!

Freebies are arranged alphabetically by company.

Toolfarm Disclaimer: Not everything here will be compatible with the current version of After Effects. Some of these freebies go back a bit! There is no warranty and no support on these. They’re free, remember. 

See them all here. But here’s a sneak peak, first…

Yanobox Barcode


Yanobox Barcode

What it does: Simulate EAN-13 barcodes. Yanobox Barcode is a simple generator that simulates the European Article Number aka EAN-13 barcode used on everyday products across the world. Our version provides some unusual features like custom color modes and random digits, transforming the classical barcode to an eye-catching Motion Graphic element. View the manual here

Download all Yanobox Barcode here. Log into and download under “Adobe After Effects Plugins”. Select Noise Industries FxFactory. This is an application where you can install loads of plug-ins. 

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